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240 BIG PAGES.....


Introduction, Finding Your Place, Copyright, Songwriting,

Income Sources, Indie Artists, Major Labels, The Live Business

Artist Manager, A&R, Record Producer, Audio Engineering,

Marketing and Promotion, Radio, Games, Connections, Issues,

Contracts and Sample Agreements, Registering Copyright.

   This is the book that gives you a place to begin your career!

For anyone who has asked the question; “How do I get into the music industry?” you will find the answer inside these covers. Though it is written for the absolute beginner, even those with experience will still find some very useful information within. McManus approaches this book as he does his class with a new group of students; simply and methodically. Beginning with the backbone of the Canadian Music Industry, the Canadian Content Regulations, McManus moves through Copyright, Income Sources, Songwriting and Artist careers in a manner that is easy to read and to understand. He goes on to explore the technical and creative side of recording and then comes the marketing and media end of the business. A very helpful and excellent resource sections with some possible connections for entering into the industry is followed by an enlightening contract chapter with some basic examples for the beginner. With the philosophy that this book should be as fun to read as the music industry is fun to be in, McManus has adopted a conversational tone that incorporates many of his own insights and opinions as well as the nuts and bolts of the business. He quotes the experts on both sides of some of the issues that are shaping the new reality of the business today and tomorrow. It is a fast moving, entertaining and most of all, educational introduction to the music industry in Canada.

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