Musical Friends

I have been very lucky to have been able to help some very talented people get to where they wanted to be. There is something very satisfying in knowing that when they needed someplace to start, I was there. One of the joys of teaching is the mentoring that you get to do and when I think about the times that I sat with the people on this page and gave them encouragement and some direction, it is a great feeling. They took their natural talent, artistic ambition and most of all their time, and they have succeeded. Congratulations to all of them for their accomplishments.

Greg Hanna

One of the hallmarks of  successful writer or singer is the amount of effort that they put into their career. No one has worked harder than Greg to make it happen for him and he keeps knocking on that door. He has had success and records that chart but all that experience gave him an insight into the business side that he has taken advantage of! He is now the Vice-President of one of the top booking agencies in Nashville. But I hope he still cuts a song now and then!


Emm Gryner

No matter the genre, being an artist is a solitary and ultimately, a very personal journey. There are neither paths to follow nor maps to read. You go and you create and you learn and you go some more. I don't think that I have ever met someone who personifies the artist's journey as much as Emm does. For many other artists, I can imagine them doing something else; for Emm I can't imagine her doing anything else. She is a truly gifted person. We are lucky to have her here. Here is one of her finest compositions and performances.

Zach Neil

What a great talent and a man whose time has come! Zach and I first got together when he was 16 and his voice then was just about perfect. He has worked long and hard and done it the right way and his new record is brilliant. He lives in Nashville now but he came back for a visit and this is a video of  that performance. Visit, buy his record and see just how good real country music can be.