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Beginning as a singer-songwriter, this is the tree from which the creative branches of my life have grown. I have continued writing and recording throughout the years and I define much of my life  in terms of creativity and expression. Some of my work is available for you to see, listen to or read on this site. Many years ago, I did something unusual for those seeking success in the music industry, when I was on the edge of a major deal with Portrait Records through Hall of Fame Songwriter George David Weiss, I decided to take a pass on moving to New York City and to stay in Canada. This was 1978 and I had been married and had a son and family which became the focus of my life. As well, I had found a job teaching Music Production and Entertainment Contracts in a college and I loved that as well. After 10 years chasing the music dream I knew that an" opportunity" was not a guarantee of anything. There would have been the artistic satisfaction of working with someone so supremely talented like George David Weiss,( What A Wonderful World, Can't Help Falling In Love, Lullaby of Birdland, The Lion Sleeps Tonight and many others) but it was not enough to make me give up the life I had so recently found. Now, 40 years later with 3 children and 3 grandchildren and hundreds of former students that I am in touch with, it still looks like the right decision. I was not completely quiet during those years, I wrote children's songs and toured Canada with the top children's TV Personality. I was very proud to have led a group of prominent Canadian Songwriters to start the Songwriters Association of Canada which today remains one of the more important organizations in the Canadian Music Industry. 

And yes, I did some writing during those years, but not to the same extent that I had been doing previously. And yes I did some recording, but not much again. But once I retired from full time teaching in 2011 I turned my attention to writing and recording again and, it took a few years, but now, I am  as prolific as I was when I was pursuing his career full time. You can hear the new songs, and a couple of older ones on the Looking West Music page.



Teaching turned out to be the pot of gold at the end of the musical rainbow for me.  For 40 years I have  shared my knowledge, experience and creative journey with over 2000 students. I continue to teach part time as a Professor for Algonquin College teaching an online course in Entertainment Contracts.




 "When you have to write.... you have to write. It may be a song, a poem, a text or an essay. It is not that I think that other people need to hear me, it is that I need to hear myself. By creating any of the above, something that was in my mind becomes less ethereal and more a physical part of who I am. The fact that others derive something from those writings is a great source of satisfaction over and above my own sense of accomplishment. This part of me is tied in very closely to the music side so..... they both bring me joy!"


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