iC R E A T I V I T Y...the theme of capturing moments

Irene In September












There are some photos, that as soon as you take them, you know that they are a "perfect picture". This was the case in September of 2016 on the cliffs above Thunder Cove on Prince Edward Island. Irene had posed closer to me a couple of minutes earlier and them continued on her way. I knew looking through the camera lens that there was a picture if I could just get the right moment. I did. This is the third of three taken and it is like a painting!

Kootenay Ferry Ride

If there is a heaven on earth, for me it is here on Kootenay Lake in South Central British Columbia. Nelson is very close to here and it is the city that stopped somewhere around 1972 and stayed there. The scent of Patchouli is everywhere Just a short drive north is the ferry across the lake and I could have ridden that ferry all day the scenery was so beautiful!

Carriage Hill Park

Carriage Hill Park is a short walk away from my house. This is a path that I frequently take and having seen it in all lights and all seasons, I have come to know it well. This allowed me to know when it was a good picture and when it was not. This spring day before the grass had been cut was perfect. I love the density of the colors in this picture; the light and the dark and so many shades of green that wash the scene. I love the timelessness of this photo; it could have been taken in 1890, 1950 or 2013. I think that is part of the appeal of landscapes is that they are a place that we would like to be. Adventure, opportunity and the path not (yet) taken.

The End of Summer

 A late September afternoon at Sun Beach on Lake Huron. Thousands of footprints on the empty beach speak to a summer story that has been told. I loved that as well as the angles of the deck, the dark shadows and the brightness of the sun itself on the beach and the water. A story in transition. This picture speaks to my theme perfectly.

After The Young Family Has Gone

Early Sunday evening in one of our neighborhood restaurants. My wife and I stopped in for dinner just as a young couple with 3 children were clearing out. The suddenly empty table and the open door spoke to me of another happy place and time left behind for  that family The young parents do not realize that now, but one day they will be our age and apprecialte the poignancy of this scene as I did. To me it was a picture that had to be taken.