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My first business card for Looking West Music designed by a local graphic artist.


 Looking West from the balcony at 1206- 711 Broughton in 1972.

I Thought It Was Worth A Song

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      Vancouver 1973C

Terry and Bruce in San Francisco 1975 (2

 San Francisco 1975


 I Thought It Was Worth A Song

My first place to "land"; the beginning of me. This was a time of unprecedented creativity. I was 25 and thanks to Gerry Lacoursiere, I had a record deal with a great label, (something I had been striving for for years).  I was writing every day all day long and in most of the songs I can hear myself working my way through questions about love and life that I had not had before. Years later, I have had  time to go back and collect all the ideas from the papers I managed to keep with song titles or lyrics.It was probably the most extended, emotionally charged time in my life that I was able to capture in song. In the same way that a photograph of good times can put the viewer in the picture; Perhaps a recording of discovered moments can do the same thing for the listener. Vancouver in 1972 was a magical place in a magical time and I was lucky to be there and in love.

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  Vancouver July 3rd 1971