Welcome to my website!
I guess that in some quarters, websites are about as passe as you can get. Unlike TikTok or some yet to be born platform that moves at the speed of light, a website requires effort to both create and to investigate. I suppose that effort would be dependent upon whether or not you cared about me or were interested in my life's work. However, I have discovered that who I am does not depend on who you are and I hope you are the same. I am the same person every day and in every way. Hopefully I am learning the important things such as love, friendship, creativity and spirituality. There are other important things at other times but I would say that those four frame my existence at the present. And as we all know, the "present" is a moving target. So I hope that this website give you a bit of peace, hope and perhaps escape; whichever you need. I know that it does for me and that is why it has changed and will change. Stay tuned!
Peace and Love

Terry McManus