In a series of memorable essays, Terry reaches into daily life and reveals the extraordinary thoughts and feelings of the men we call husband, father, brother and son. Thoughts and feelings that most men usually keep to themselves. Did you know that many men worry alone in the middle of the night about their family’s well being? Do you remember how your father’s hand felt in yours when you were small and how reassuring that was? Are you different from your brother or sister but still so close? There is something to learn about yourself if you go to the Facebook site, Husband Father Brother Son and read the essays there!




Teaching turned out to be the pot of gold at the end of the musical rainbow for Terry.  For 40 years he has shared his knowledge, experience and creative journey with over 2000 students. He continues to lecture online and in the classroom. He is also the author of the text,  The Canadian Music Industry Primer




Beginning as a singer-songwriter, this is the tree from which the creative branches of Terry's life have grown.  He has continued writing and recording throughout the years and defines his life  in terms of creativiity and expression. Some of his work is available for you to see, listen to or read on this site.


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